Florida Jump$tart Coalition



The Florida Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, Inc. (the "Florida Jump$tart Coalition") seeks to improve the personal financial literacy skills of Floridians, focusing on the state's youth



To support those organizations and individuals in Florida that provide and support personal financial education programs and activities, with emphasis on the education of children and young adults.

To advocate for and encourage the creation of new personal financial education opportunities through engagement and partnerships with personal financial education providers, funders and community leaders.


To assist personal financial education providers in Florida in locating resources and facilitating partnership opportunities.

To educate community leaders, legislators and policymakers about the importance of personal financial education. 

To provide a forum in which organizations involved with personal financial education can exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. A forum could include an on-line space and a Florida Jump$tart Coalition sponsored periodic event targeting personal financial education providers and supporters. 



 Promote the use of high-quality

personal finance materials for personal financial education activities and provide assistance to personal financial education providers in locating appropriate materials.

Make known and promote the Clearinghouse database through all Florida Jump$tart Coalition communications channels.

Identify other quality personal financial education materials that can be referred to National Jump$tart for inclusion on the Clearinghouse database.

Obtain feedback from Florida organizations as to their experiences with and recommendations for personal financial education materials they have utilized and make that information know via Florida Jump$tart Coalition communications channels.

To act as a central point of contact for and source of information about personal financial education activities in Florida for providers, supporters, and funders of personal financial education in Florida as well as community leaders and legislators.

 To establish the Florida Jump$tart Coalition as a key partner with other organizations in the Financial Literacy space, including federal, state, county and city governmental entities, local school systems/boards, national and regional for profit and nonprofit organizations and organizations operating solely in Florida.